About Us

Mackie Ramsay Taylor Architects hold a commitment to providing a quality service and, strive to create buildings of the highest design quality without compromise on the Clients finances, building programme, and long-term building management considerations.

The practice understands that the success of any project lies in the relationship between the client and architect, and therefore we adopt a collaborative, balanced and integrated approach.

We can offer expertise in all aspects of building design from inception through to completion. We can offer further advice regarding cost control, brief building, life cycle costing, sustainability, space planning, landscape design, town planning issues and forms of procurement.

All aspects of designs are continually reviewed to ensure all project deliverables are met; design quality, cost control, and programme review. Our experience across all sectors will allow us to deliver a high-quality design that not only works and functions for the needs of the buildings occupants but is also respect of the surroundings and creates a flexible, modern environment.

Our Design Approach

Mackie Ramsay Taylor Architects believe the following points to be critical success factors to the effective delivery of Architectural Services:

The practice looks to agree project targets in conjunction with our clients to monitor the performance of the service to ensure maximum quality and value to client is delivered through all stages of the project.

We promote a ‘collaborative approach’ within the design and construction team which will facilitate the integration of best practice in construction procurement and, through this, achieve material improvements in the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the construction process and final product.

Material specification is closely scrutinised to ensure products are consistently tailored to provide our Clients with a building best suited to their individual requirements and circumstances. Key elements are assessed with consideration given to quality, aesthetics, robustness, maintenance, compatibility, cost, availability, Health & Safety, and environmental design.

Designing for the environment

Mackie Ramsay Taylor Architects are committed to working with clients, contractors and other building industry professionals to build a sustainable future. The practice carries out its business functions fully aware and alert to the dangers that construction processes may have on the environment; we will strive to eliminate any harmful effects to the environment which may arise from the activity of the practice.

This is achieved through consideration of the following key issues throughout the design process:

Whole life cycle costing analysis is an essential exercise in the development of the design, incorporating sustainable design and servicing solutions within building is fundamental to providing long term benefits to the built environment and our clients on-going management commitments.